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Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.” - William Grosvenor Pollard (1911 - 1989), physicist/priest

A continual challenge of education is preparing students for a future that is being shaped as we speak. The phrase of ‘what would you like to do when you grow up?’ is somewhat redundant today - in our rapidly-changing world, previously-chosen career paths may not necessarily exist when the time comes.

Despite the future being uncertain, at Derventio Education we know that the drive for improvement will be a consistent factor in our subsequent world. Change is borne out of the desire to do things differently and to do things better. Students can expect to work in a target-driven culture of continuous improvement, one where businesses strive to exceed previous levels of performance.

Improved examination performance often brings accusations of a dumbing down of intellectual standards. However, teaching and learning has improved with greater access to resources and self-reflection. Knowledge-sharing has become the norm, and teachers are encouraged to consider their strengths and weaknesses. This helps them to develop their teaching over time, as well as pass these qualities onto pupils.

Today’s edtech means that we have an increasing amount of data to hand, data which only becomes useful if it can be utilised to make purposeful change. Our performance-management software, SchooliP, enables staff to assess and track their performance over time. The power of SchooliP means that senior leaders can both effectively monitor staff performance and identify ways to enhance teaching and learning.

A staff body that is conscious of their own performance will look to innovate and strive for excellence. This can only be beneficial for the students concerned, especially when cultivating an ethos of self-assessment across the entire school community. We are confident that SchooliP fosters an environment where the drive for improvement is positively reinforced, which enables schools to effectively shape student futures. To look back at the words from William G Pollard, the constant pursuit of innovation, creativity and improvement will help to ensure that young people are well prepared for the world ahead of them.

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