Learning Walks - Free Template

Learning walks are short focused 'drop-ins' into classrooms. They enable a quick 'snapshot' of typical everyday teaching and learning to be created. For instance, a  'snapshot' of learning, engagement, behaviour or the consistent application of school policies. They are designed to be less intense and avoid teachers excessive time, beyond the norm, preparing lessons. Furthermore, they represent a more realistic reflection of teaching and learning than a one-off high stakes show lesson.

The most important aspect of a learning walk, in fact, any monitoring activity, is the quality of the subsequent feedback. The learning walk has real value when the staff feel empowered in the process and the observer is willing to spend quality time by offering praise, advice and guidance to the person who has been observed.

Recording Learning Walks

Prior to undertaking a learning walk, we advise an area of focus to be chosen, as it is extremely difficult to observe everything in a short period of time. Observers then have clarity on what they are observing and feedback can be of greater quality as it is much more specific.

In order to conduct effective learning walks, you are welcome to download our free templates that show two alternative approaches. They are both designed to be efficient for the observer to complete and effective as they are able to focus discussion during feedback.

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The previous templates can easily be created in our software. Our cloud-based solution SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisals in schools. We are proud to support schools with a wide range of improvement processes including learning walks.

Recording Learning Walks in SchooliP

Using SchooliP means that powerful data is automatically collated which allows collective trends to be immediately identified. The process is a lot more efficient and less time consuming for leaders collating 'paper-based' learning walks. Leaders are easily and efficiently able to determine the strengths and areas for development for individual teachers. This ensures CPD throughout your school or trust is appropriate and focused. SchooliP allows CPD to easily allocated, tracked and evaluated.

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