News: Inadequate schools 
become academies

The government has passed legislation that will turn 'inadequate' schools into academies.

The Education and Adoption Bill, which will force all schools considered to be “failing” to be turned into academies, completed its passage through Parliament last night and will become law “as soon as possible”; the Department for Education has stated.

What is a failing school?

If a maintained School has been rated as “inadequate” by Ofsted, it will be forced to become an academy.

Will parents be informed?

Academy sponsors must communicate their school improvement plans to parents. But, they will not be required to hold any formal consultation process.

Did you see our post on how to effectively communicate school improvement plans to parents? It has never been more important for an Academy to have a succinct process for producing reports outlining the academy’s improvement plan. Producing these reports will have to be both efficient and straight forward and not consume valuable leadership and administration resources.

What if a school is deemed to be “coasting”?

The bill gives the education secretary a “discretionary” power to make an order to convert a “coasting” school into an academy. As you may be aware a school is considered to be “coasting” if its pupils have failed to make sufficient progress, failed to achieve a standard imposed by the government, over a three-year period.

For Secondary Schools this means if fewer than 60% of pupils do not achieve the benchmark (based on their performance on the new ‘Progress 8’ measure and the proportion of pupils achieving five A* - C grade GCSEs) and/or pupils are below the ‘median level of expected progress.’

For Primary Schools they will be considered “coasting” if less than 85% of children score Level 4 at Key Stage 2. This includes if less than 85% of pupils achieve less than 85% in the new reformed primary assessments.

In both cases, schools will be assessed on whether they have a “credible plan to improve”. If it is deemed that the school does have a credible plan, the regional schools’ commissioner will be responsible for helping them to improve, but if not, the school will be converted to an academy.

SchooliP can help you to create a “credible” improvement plan. SchooliP is used by hundreds of schools to facilitate school improvement plans as part of a fully integrated system. The system allows you to:

  • Create long and short term school development plan strategies
  • Automatically link activities from the Self-evaluation (SEF) module to enable all corrective actions to be recorded and monitored
  • Involve external stakeholders in the development and improvement plan process
  • Store and easily access the development plan online
  • Save valuable time and streamline processes
  • Publish automatically generated reports.

How does SchooliP help pupil progress?

SchooliP helps you to ensure high levels of pupil progress, ensuring your school’s progress exceeds minimum benchmarks.

SchooliP does this through:

  • Effective performance management for staff which is linked to CPD.
  • Better improvement planning
  • Holding staff to account
  • Automatically facilitating the self evaluation process

SchooliP helps to improve standards of teaching and learning, impacts pupil progress, empowers leadership and management and ultimately helps you to improve inspection outcomes.


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