News: Estyn considering
'dawn raids'

Estyn Chief Inspector Ann Keane has warned that the length of time Welsh schools will have to prepare for inspection is under consideration. Following a consultation on the inspection cycle, regulations have already been amended to 'timeshift' the inspection period and these will come into force on 1st September.

But now, Estyn are considering adopting 'dawn raids', removing the current 20 days notice period, mirroring moves by Ofsted following the 'Trojan horse' saga. The rationale is that schools won't be able to 'game' the system and over prepare. Many Welsh Heads however would argue that even 20 days notice is not enough time to implement a school wide 'cover up'. The reality is that it's hard enough collating all the relevant documentation and statistics, particularly in large schools.

Because SchooliP is a cloud-based system that is used continuously by staff and school leaders, it allows you to output the main documents required by an inspection team within minutes

Owen Hathway, NUT Wales Policy Officer argues that a reduced notice period may not improve standards but it will increase stress and anxiety for all. SchooliP empowers staff by providing historical, emperical evidence of performance. For example, if a particular teacher has had an atypical lesson that is less than 'good' during the inspection, details of their previous lesson observations and other evidence can be called up instantly.

You can read more at the Wales Online site.

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