Empower staff
in their own performance

Making small changes this review cycle for a big impact

31st October is fast approaching once again, perhaps you’ve already signed off last year’s objectives or maybe you’re looking into it now. Either way, empowering staff with their own performance has a hugely positive impact for staff and could benefit your staff professional development throughout the new review cycle.

As you will be aware the focus on professional development for teachers has been under the spotlight again recently with the government launch of the new Professional Development Standards for Teachers. Empowering staff with their own development and performance management is just one way to help ensure your teachers are meeting with these new standards.

The introduction of these standards and the 31st October deadline for new review cycles, both make now a pivotal time for your school to start making changes to your professional development processes. These don’t have to be big changes, after all no one is that keen on those, but small changes which help staff to feel empowered and enable them to:

  • Manage and maintain all of their objectives
  • Regularly review and see their progress towards objectives
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment at what they have achieved
  • Identify and add to their own CPD activities

By linking staff objectives to school improvement plans and processes, this also empowers staff and helps them to see exactly how they are helping the school. It also ensures that everyone is pulling in the same direction and working towards the same goals.

Our customers have been thrilled to share with us how empowering staff with their own professional development has been quickly embraced and enjoyed. They’ve described how this change has made staff feel more in control of their professional development. They’ve also been delighted to say that it has helped to highlight staff achievements and that staff feel it has emphasised the school’s commitment to their development.

In order to make the change, our customers have utilised the SchooliP solution. It puts their staff at the forefront of their own professional development and performance management, and gives leaders and managers a comprehensive view. SchooliP also encourages ongoing dialogue regarding development and performance between staff and their manager. In addition, it links school self-evaluation and improvement planning, to professional development, ensuring that the whole school is focused in the right direction.

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