Effectively Managing CPD Across a Multi-Academy Trust

The primary reasons for joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) are a consolidation of resources and the saving of much needed time and money. Here we discuss how SchooliP is used to save time and money by consolidating ‘training needs’ across the trust and running centralised training activities to pool resources.

Monitoring and Identifying Areas for Improvement

SchooliP can be used to identify common ‘Areas for Development’ through many forms of monitoring activities including Lesson Observations, Learning Walks and Work Scrutiny.

Whilst these areas for development are personal, they identify that an individual staff member needs to improve. This information is provided centrally to the CPD co-ordinator or the person responsible for the professional development of staff.

Areas for development on SchooliP where CPD courses can be assigned

Common Theme of Focus?

Within our software, each area for development can be assigned a common theme of focus, which is determined by a school or trust. These are bespoke and range from teaching and learning to behaviour management and safeguarding.

The use of this focus ensures that common themes may be easily identified and the CPD co-ordinator can draw out collective information at the touch of a button. They can then determine the size of an issue and the impact on staff across a school or trust.

SchooliP allows CPD co-ordinators to allocate courses for specific elements of development with a MAT

Once a common theme has been identified, the best course of action to resolve the areas for development can be determined. SchooliP provides a wealth of statistics that are used to inform senior leadership decisions.  

Allocating Courses and Activities

Once a list of common areas for improvement is presented to the CPD co-ordinator they can then devise different methods of alleviating the issues through allocation of courses, centralised training and mentoring. This will enable the trust to pool their resources and save precious time and money in delivering tangible improvement.

Good Practice

Our MAT features within SchooliP have been designed to drive improvement. Monitoring and tracking performance is key to ensure that incremental improvement is made. The benefits from CPD collaboration will ensure that a supportive environment in nurtured where talented staff have an opportunity to shine. The Department of Education's report: Multi-academy trusts - Good practice for guidance and expectations for growth outlines that effective collaboration has the potential to enhance staff recruitment and retention. A trust that prioritises staff development will enjoy a positive reputation and will find it easier to retain and attract outstanding teachers.


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