Checklist for schools re-opening

Checklist for schools re-opening

Ian Parkin  Ian Parkin
October 2021

Now that September is here and schools are starting to fully re-open again we wanted to contact you to help you get started again with SchooliP for the new school year.

We know that 2020 has been a difficult year so far and that some schools have decided to scrap their 2019-2020 appraisal cycles and start afresh again in September.

Whatever you have decided to do we can help you get started as we know you are going to be really busy with the re-opening of your school.

Below is a checklist of items for starting your new school year with SchooliP,

  • Close appraisals for 2019-2020 - We can help with closing these down or moving them on to the next year if you wish. Alternatively, if you want them removed altogether just let us know.
  • Make sure your academic year is set to 2020-2021 to ensure the new appraisal process has the correct dates against it - if you’re unsure how to do this please let us know and we’ll talk you through this simple process.
  • Do you have any new staff to add or staff to remove who have left? If you have our MIS Integration then all you need to do to synchronise the staff in your MIS with SchooliP is to go to the Staff Management area and choose Sync Data from the What Next? Menu. If not then don’t worry, if you need help managing your staff in SchooliP drop us a line and we’ll help.
  • Do you have any new forms you need adding - classroom observations, learning walks, book scrutiny or SEF documents - let us know and we can add these for you.
  • Your Development Plan may need moving forward to 2020-2021 or you may have new targets - if so we can help, just ask us to do this for you.
  • Do you want help starting your new appraisal cycles - whether this is setting new standards against staff, adding objectives for all staff or starting the reviews we can do this for you, all you need to do is ask? 

If you need help with any of the above then please drop an email to us at telling us what you’d like us to do for you. 

Additionally, we are always here to help and support you as much as you need with the below,

FREE telephone and e-mail support and online training - available 8 am till 5 pm Monday to Friday(except Public and Bank Holidays) by calling +44 (0)333 0433 450 or email to

MIS Integration - only £99 + VAT per year and synchronises staff with Capita SIMS, iSAMS and many more.

FREE Single sign-on - no need to remember separate passwords when accessing SchooliP.

FREE iOS and Android Mobile App - photograph your evidence and keep up with appraisal dialogue on your mobile device. Get your staff to download the app now!

Watch one of our videos - share with staff as a refresher on how to use SchooliP

Stay up to date - Follow us on social media for latest news and updates (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram)

If you’d like to hear more about SchooliP why not contact a member of our team on +44 (0) 333 0433 450 or email

We look forward to supporting you across a busy September and beyond.

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