Budget 2016:
Key white paper

The White Paper for the Budget 2016 has been released; we have been through it for you and pulled out all the key information that affects education.

The government’s main message is ‘investing in the next generation’ which is focussed on their school reforms and steps towards creating a ‘gold standard of education throughout England’.

The government claims it will do this by:

  • Transferring power to school leaders and forcing all schools to become academies by 2020, or have an academy order in place to convert by 2022.
  • Allocation of the first ‘National Funding Formula’ for schools.
  • Review the case of how to improve the study of maths from 16 to 18 ensuring the future workforce is adequately skilled.
  • £20 million a year of new funding for the ‘Northern Powerhouse Schools Strategy’ – to tackle the divide between the north and south in terms of educational progress.

The Government are to introduce a soft drinks levy to pay for school sport. The levy is expected to raise £520 million in the first year. The money will be used to increase the Primary School PE and sport premium from £160 million per year to £320 million per year from September 2017. The increase in funds will allow for improvements to the quality and variety of sport activities schools can offer.

There will also be a provision of up to £285 million a year to give 25% of Secondary Schools the opportunity to extend their school day and offer a wider range of extracurricular activities including sport.

£10 million per year will be allocated to expand breakfast clubs in up to 1,600 schools starting from September 2017.

Other initiatives include bringing in ‘proven leaders’ and outstanding schools in neighbouring area to mentor weaker schools. The government also want to fast track the best local schools to become ‘Teaching Schools’ and the best local heads to become ‘National leaders of Education’.

We believe it is important that schools have an effective system in place which allows them to strategically focus on all areas for school improvement.

SchooliP is the leading school improvement software that has been developed to help schools perform more effectively. The solution helps schools and academies to integrate Performance Management, School Improvement, Self-evaluation, and Continual Professional Development (CPD for teachers), in one, easy to use system. The solution helps to strategically focus priorities derived from key areas for improvement identified at a recent inspection or from self-evaluation. The brand new SchooliP app ensures that performance management progress, including evidence, can be uploaded on the go.

This is very exciting time to find out more about SchooliP! We have just launched V.8 of the software which features a completely reworked interface with a brand new look and feel to improve the user experience, as well as a number of updates to further meet the requirements of school staff. In addition, we have launched the innovative SchooliP App which is the first of its kind and will provide teachers and leaders with a simple and effective way to update their performance management progress from a wide range of devices and platforms.

You can view the full document on the HMT website here.

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