Better personal outcomes for staff and students

What problems do we solve?

Teachers and staff report "I know I need to organise and track my development and progress against my objectives, but it’s difficult to organise on top of my day-to-day duties"

Whereas middle leaders say "In my role, I wear multiple ‘hats’. Managing my team is important, but I don’t want my workload to include managing a paper-based or inflexible staff development system"

But when speaking with senior leaders they elaborate that "The staff are our most valuable asset and the means by which we will deliver our improvement plan. I must have a robust and reliable system in place to manage the execution of our development plan, without it being an administrative burden".


What needs do we meet?

SchooliP provides better personal outcomes for pupils and staff through joined-up staff appraisal, school development planning, and self-evaluation.

SchooliP provides support for key personnel including teachers and support staff, middle leaders, and the leadership team too.

SchooliP supports teachers and support staff by helping them to organise and track their development and progress against their objectives in a simple and effective manner.

With middle leaders, SchooliP supports them by simplifying the management of their teams, without increasing their workload.

Finally, SchooliP also supports senior leaders with delivering the school improvement plan and having a reliable and robust system in place to manage staff appraisal and self-evaluation too.

Put simply, SchooliP is a one-stop-shop for whole school improvement. 


How do I find out more?

To find out how SchooliP could support your appraisals for all staff either call +44 (0) 333 0433 450 or book a free demonstration now.

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