360 Degree Feedback for Staff - Free Template

School staff are familiar with a culture of receiving observations, monitoring and inspections. Many staff, however, have difficulty embracing the culture as they don't feel empowered. They feel that it is a process of being 'done to'. A top-down culture can cause resentment as accountability appears to only flow in one direction. With this in mind, many successful schools are developing opportunities to nurture a culture of openness and two-way communication.

360 degree feedback allows staff to gain an insight into their performance from a range of other parties. This can include pupils/students, parents, colleagues and line managers. This feedback can determine their strengths and any areas for improvement.

Recording 360 Feedback for leadership

Prior to undertaking feedback of this nature, we advise staff are briefed on the purpose of the feedback. Establishing clear guidelines will ensure that the feedback is given the attention it deserves. Anonymity is a challenge when gathering feedback that could be sensitive, but at the same time you want the staff giving the feedback to be open and honest. In many cases, those chosen for feedback are identified by the member of staff in order to gain the most from the process. We recommend that processes are clearly explained and discussed thoroughly prior to implementation. 

In order to gather effective feedback, you are welcome to download our free leadership 360 Degree template to carry out robust feedback for your leaders.

Have you ever encountered SchooliP?

Our cloud-based solution SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage 360 degree feedback in schools. We are proud to support schools with a wide range of improvement processes including appraisal, CPD, monitoring, improvement planning and self-evaluation.

Recording Feedback for Leaders in SchooliP

SchooliP is a secure system with robust permission setting and data can be collated anonymously if required. Data is automatically collated which helps to inform strategic decisions. For instance, if a leader or manager requires development in a particular field. Furthermore, colleagues who are particularly strong in certain areas can be identified to act as mentors or coaches. On a collective level, a leadership team may benefit from specific CPD in one area. Overall, gathering effective evidence helps to identify where improvement can be made.

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