Unlock the potential of aspiring middle leaders

Derventio Education, in association with our school improvement partners, SchoolPro TLC, are pleased to offer ‘The Aspiring Middle Leader'.

Our Aspiring Middle Leaders programme is designed for teachers who have shown the potential to become highly effective middle leaders.

This programme will focus on providing teachers with the key tools and theories needed to be an effective middle leader. The programme will:

  • Give participants the skills and confidence to step into a middle leadership post
  • Ensure that participants are aware of the accountability and moral imperative of their specific role
  • Equip participants with a set of tools, including carrying out a ‘Study’, in order to make an impact on an area of Ofsted judgement in your school
  • Our sessions combine theory, practical activities, self-review and peer-review to enable participants to gain a deep and full understanding of the programme content

Sessions will take place in participating schools or a nominated school.

They will be delivered by one of our experienced facilitators with links to a school senior leader who has already had a proven impact in their school.

For more information on how our leadership coaching can help your current educational leaders and your future leaders, please contact info@derventioeducation.com or call 0333 0433 450.

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