Enhance your entire middle leadership team

Derventio Education, in association with our school improvement partners, SchoolPro TLC, are pleased to offer ‘Middle Leader +'.

Middle Leader + is a bespoke, leadership development programme for the whole middle leadership team. It is designed to strengthen and develop all middle leaders, giving them the skills to make a significant impact on pupil outcomes across the school. The programme also works effectively for middle leaders across groups of schools e.g. cluster or MAT.

We work in strategic partnership with the Headteacher, Executive Head or CEO in setting ambitious targets which will be closely monitored by the senior leadership team and through discussions, in order to ensure that they are achieved.

The targets are developed using the School’s Development Plan to identify desired impact on pupil outcomes, pupil engagement and/ or learning, teaching and assessment

Together we tailor and shape your programme around these priority areas, selecting from a wide range of differentiated development modules e.g.

  • How to observe a lesson and give feedback
  • How to write an agenda and chair a meeting
  • How to have the conversations you dread
  • Understanding and interpreting whole school data how to prioritise and manage the demands of a middle leader
  • Managing change successfully

For more information on how our leadership coaching can help your current educational leaders and your future leaders, please contact info@derventioeducation.com or call 0333 0433 450.

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