Help Deputy and Assistant Heads maximise their potential

Derventio Education, in association with our school improvement partners, SchoolPro TLC, are pleased to offer ‘Leading the Way’.

This course has been developed and specifically designed to help Deputy and Assistant Heads maximise their leadership potential.

‘Leading the Way’ runs over four 3-hour sessions fitted around your schedule, and is customised to meet the needs of school leaders within their specific, local and national context.

We work in strategic partnership with the Headteacher, Executive Head or CEO in setting ambitious targets which will be closely monitored through discussions, in order to ensure the desired impact has been achieved.

Deputy and Assistant Heads will gain the following benefits through their active participation in the programme:

  • Managing and leading colleagues successfully
  • Managing change more successfully
  • Improved resilience and the ability to work more effectively
  • Improved strategies for leadership issues
  • More confidence in managing performance
  • Greater ability to prioritise and manage demands
  • Renewed enthusiasm for the job
  • Insight from other school environments

For more information on how our leadership coaching can help your current educational leaders and your future leaders, please contact or call 0333 0433 450.

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