Educational leadership coaching programme

Derventio Education, in association with our school improvement partners, SchoolPro TLC, are pleased to offer Leadership Coaching.

Managers say it’s increasingly tough for organisations to recruit the talent they need. 72% report problems in 2014, compared to 66% in 2013. This is particularly true of management and leadership skills, where almost three-quarters (75%) report recruitment problems.

(The Future Forecast - CMI Dec 2014)

Based on our experience within education and from many conversations with educational leaders, we believe the above quote is true across education as well as industry, and that it is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain the right leadership and management for schools, academies, colleges, and universities. Developing leaders internally is the way forward.

Having strong leaders in your institution can help create a sustainable advantage and improve your overall performance. Effective leadership allows educational institutions to capitalise on employee strengths and utilise their abilities to contribute to the overall strategic goals.

Our educational leadership coaching programme will help your future leaders:

  • Develop their leadership and management techniques
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities in leading others
  • Reflect on their leadership style and behaviour and how it affects others
  • Understand the principles of effective delegation and empowerment

This programme will be carried out over a minimum of three two hour sessions, the results of which will be practical one to one advice, and a 360 degree feedback report.

For more information on how our leadership coaching can help your current educational leaders and your future leaders, please contact or call 0333 0433 450

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