Bespoke inspection service to drive improvement

Derventio Education in association with our School Improvement Partners, SchoolPro TLC, are pleased to provide a service to validate judgements as evidence to support your school and give you additional confidence during the build-up and preparation for any inspection, or as a tool for governance. Our inspection service can also be used as part of the regular monitoring events in the school calendar.

SchoolPro TLC provide external, unbiased feedback regarding your organisation. This is not a daunting process, and is not a “mocksted”. It is an evaluation of the work taking place in your setting, working collaboratively with your staff, building self-confidence and working with you to provide the best possible outcomes for your school.

You can expect SchoolPro TLC to:

  • Evaluate policy, procedures and practice
  • Meet with Leadership and Management at all levels including governors
  • Carry out joint observations
  • Scrutinise specific areas such as teaching, learning and assessment; personal welfare, behaviour and development; leadership and management; in school data and your curriculum offer

A short half day service is cost effective and can provide your school and staff teams with excellent support and guidance. While full day, and multiple days provide in-depth support and coaching opportunities to develop staff and improve school outcomes.

For more information on how our School Improvement & Inspection Service can help you, please contact or call 0333 0433 450.

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