CollegeiP offers the functionality of full video integration. This means that classes can easily be recorded, uploaded and analysed.

Reflection and feedback

Once videos are uploaded in CollegeiP, self-reflection can be completed against any recording. This is very helpful for experienced as well as trainees and newly qualified staff members who are required to regularly evaluate their own practice. Analysis can be completed in real-time and a record is available for future viewing, as well as the opportunity for peer collaboration and triads, where multiple users can annotate and add their comments. This is very helpful for mentoring and coaching where support and feedback can incorporate recordings of observations. 

Time-stamped comments

CollegeiP allows feedback to be pinpointed at specific moments allowing good practise and areas for development to be highlighted. These reference points are useful stimulus for teaching and learning discussions. From a convenience point of view, key moments can be bookmarked for future viewing.

Video Observation


Video lessons observations are a great way of promoting consistency throughout your college. As a software house, we can create powerful forms that can include categories of your choice. For instance, has a lecturer utilised direct questions during their class? Once several lecturers have been observed, granular data is automatically collated which gives a powerful level of insight into consistency.

Security and sharing

Robust permission settings ensure that recorded lessons are only available to the intended parties. Users have complete control on sharing content. Videos can be utilised for standardisation training, CPD workshops and for showcasing outstanding teaching. Sharing good practice videos can create a climate of collaboration and consistency as well as a platform to showcase effective practice.

Cost Benefits

As all feedback is recorded within CollegeiP, there is no extra time consuming administrative paperwork to contend with. Video observations mean that there is no requirement for cover and; therefore, reduces the cost of cover and the impact of student disruption to routines. Staff can view recordings at the most convenient time when they feel they will gain the most from the experience.


Video observations are a powerful professional learning tool, that work alongside traditional lesson observations in a tool to improve teaching and learning. Evaluating your own practice or observing a colleague in a familiar environment maximises its impact. Our experience informs that using video observations assists not only improving teaching, but helps to create a positive collaborative college culture where staff are constantly seeking to develop and improve the quality of teaching.

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