"We can see how every employee, department and school are progressing."

Romero Catholic Multi-Academy

SchooliP features a MAT view which allows multi-academy trusts to monitor performance throughout their schools. This feature aids strategic planning and decision-making processes. Patrick Taggart is the Academy Business Director for the Romero Catholic Multi-Academy Company in Coventry and we asked him to share his experiences of SchooliP.

We have more than 500 staff across eight schools and it was difficult to remotely manage performance management without SchooliP.

Patrick Taggart - Academy Business Director - Romero Catholic Multi-Academy Company

Patrick was aware of SchooliP from a previous role, having introduced our sister appraisal product, UniversityiP at the University of Warwick Students’ Union. With 40 years of experience in business and education, Patrick was confident it would also work across the eight schools.

We reviewed a number of software packages and our school leaders chose SchooliP as it helps us set objectives, manage competencies, support staff development and monitor CPD. We can see how every employee, department and school are progressing. It serves as an effective competency check and if any development needs are identified, we can immediately support them.

In setting objectives, SchooliP enables trust and school priorities to be the focus of all employees.

Every employee in our trust, whether a leader, classroom teacher or a member of our support staff has a set of actions to complete in a timescale. These relate to our trust  and school strategic objectives. We are able to identify our core priorities and disseminate them throughout our schools.

SchooliP - In the work area, progress against objectives and their related activities is displayed

All data generated in SchooliP can be exported into a document or downloaded into a range of charts to show an overview of progress.

Working with professional people, who are involved in the busy nature of school life means that it is imperative to be able to quickly access data to aid the decision-making process. With SchooliP, it is easy to demonstrate what our schools are working on and show the full impact of their work.

Patrick explained that the implementation of SchooliP was well managed via excellent support and training. To conclude our conversation, we asked Patrick what he would say to another trust considering SchooliP as the answer to managing their appraisal process.

It is very good. You get a comprehensive review of staff, departments, schools and trust performance. SchooliP transforms performance management and helps our people to do the right things at the right time.

We are delighted that SchooliP is having such a positive impact here and if you would like to find out more about SchooliP for your trust or school, please call 0333 0433 450 or email: info@derventioeducation.com. Alternatively, a demonstration can be arranged by clicking here.


Image supplied by the Romero Catholic Multi-Academy Company - Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School is one of the eight schools that all benefit from using SchooliP.

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