Birchwood Community High School

SchooliP has had a strong impact on professional development at Birchwood Community High School. Staff are using our bespoke software for their appraisals and school improvement activities. Here, we conversed with Kelly Forster who leads Learning and Teaching, and Professional Development throughout the school.

To initiate our conversation, we asked, where the school would be without SchooliP.

It would be very difficult as we use it for all our quality assurance tasks. Everything is in one place and SLT are able to measure and monitor our teaching and learning. We really like how progress is saved straight away.

Kelly Forster Assistant Head, Leader of Learning and Teaching - Birchwood Community High School

 A key selling point of SchooliP is how it improves standards in schools. Kelly said this is evident at Birchwood and they utilise the teachers’ standards to aid staff development.

SchooliP definitely improves standards. When you log on, your homepage gives you an effective overview of your strengths and areas for development. SchooliP is reliable and gives a great visual representation of what you need to do next as part of your review. There is a real incentive to complete your targets and to identify where you can improve.

Our software builds up a wealth data following lesson observations, work scrutiny and staff reviews. Progress is recorded in real time. Departments are able to filter information to identify collective strengths and areas for improvement. SchooliP also offers comprehensive CPD management.

I really like how CPD has its own separate section. This allows us to map CPD and plan a journey from beginning to end. Staff are able to apply for courses and are challenged to consider their own development.

 Kelly informed us that the filtering options are the strongest feature of the software.

The filters are very good and we use them a lot. They enable us to identify and analyse our strengths and areas for improvement. The filters really come into their own when generating reports for our Governors and Ofsted. We are able to access the information we require with ease.

Birchwood switched from a rival supplier to SchooliP and it is apparent that senior leaders are saving time and enjoying reduced workloads.

All our performance management is now all in one place and the home screen is very informative. Leaders can immediately see the progress of their team members. Having this information saves time as professional dialogue can focus on the issues that matter and not administration. It takes us a lot less time to carry out our appraisals.

 To conclude our conversation, Kelly had some parting comments.

We made the right move joining SchooliP. It has decreased the amount of paperwork that we have to do and the system offers a lot of support with Ofsted inspections.

Birchwood Community High School is a mixed 11 to 18 school with 1,130 learners located in Warrington, Chesire. If you would like to experience the benefits that are enjoyed by Kelly and her colleagues, please do get in touch. Our sales team can be contacted on 0333 0433 450 or Alternatively, click here to arrange an onsite or online demonstration of SchooliP.

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