“Membership engagement has increased as result of the site.”

HEPA - Powerful Content Management System

The Higher Education Procurement Academy (HEPA) was established in response to the 2011 ‘Diamond Report’ from Universities UK concerning the challenges facing Universities regarding funding and procurement. HEPA activities include delivering face to face courses, e-learning, forums for networking, and an online repository of information encompassing best practice, benchmarking, templates, news, and more.

HEPA is supported and delivered collaboratively by BUFDG and the HE purchasing consortia. Due to this they were referred to Derventio Education to develop their website and therefore offered accessed to our powerful content management system (CMS), Celsus.

Derventio Education's Celsus content management system was ideal for HEPA and indeed for other similar organisations wishing to work in a collaborative fashion through their website. The website was developed with in-built modules for event management, forums, news and a member login area, ensuring UK university procurement professionals can work together effectively and securely.


The HEPA website is where HE procurement staff can get the resources they need, when they need them. The discussion boards continue to be one of the most valuable parts of the site and allow members to exchange ideas, network and discuss best practice. Member engagement and website activity has increased as a result of the site, thanks in part to a new responsive design.

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