Find out why @ALTOperform is the simplest and most effective way to manage staff appraisal in adult education centres. #edtech #appraisal #performance

Find out why @ALTOperform is the simplest and most effective way to manage staff appraisal in adult education centres. #edtech #appraisal #performance

Alto | Appraisal Software for Adult Education Centres - Derventio Education

Alto | Appraisal Software for Adult Education Centres
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    Improvement Planning

    Alto streamlines the process of improvement planning:

    - Overall Priorities (Strategic Targets)

    - Objectives (Whole Organisation and Departmental)

    - Individual Activities/Tasks


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    Self-Assessment Reporting

    Complete self-assessment with ease using pre-defined templates that allow collaboration:

    - Ofsted Forms

    - Any bespoke template of your choice


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    Monitoring and Observations

    Alto supports a wide range of monitoring activities including:

    - Observations

    - Video Observations

    - Learning Walks

    - Work Scrutiny


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    Staff Appraisal

    Alto seamlessly aligns overall priorities with staff appraisal objectives in a tiered approach:

    - Strategic objectives relating to the organisation priorities

    - Development plan objectives

    - Personal targets

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    Professional Standards

    Form a holistic view of staff strengths and areas for development to identify their individual development needs. Staff performance can be assessed against professional standards:

    - Further education professional standards

    - Any bespoke standards of your choice

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    Professional Development

    Build a comprehensive record of an individual’s performance over time to identify their strengths and areas for improvement:

    - Comprehensive management of all training.

    - CPD is aligned to individual and organisational priorities.

    - Staff make requests based on their professional needs.

    - Impact of staff training is easily evaluated.

    - Overall INSET needs effortlessly identified.

  • "We are now able to keep track of the individual journeys that our teachers are making. Everything is held together in one convenient place. The importance of appraising staff is not lost and value does not slip away."

    Anna Lee, Teaching and Learning Improvement Manager, Worcestershire Adult Learning

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Maximise the potential of your adult learning centre

Ensuring that your improvement plan is a living and working document can be challenging. Alto makes this easy and ensures that all staff feel part of this vital process. You can integrate your improvement processes to ensure that self-assessment is linked to improvement planning and professional development. This enables everyone to pull in the right direction, together.

Strengths and areas for improvement can be easily identified and analysed. You can also track and evaluate performance and improvement strategies.

Alto enables all of your employees to see how they are making a difference to your adult learning centre.

  • Involve all staff
  • Bring improvement plans to life
  • Save valuable time and effort
  • Track and evaluate performance
  • Integrate all your processes
  • Easily demonstrate progress

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