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Derventio Education Develops Great Ormond Street - MIS

Derventio Education have been selected to develop the new Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) - Management Information System.

Derventio Education has developed a bespoke student Management Information System (MIS) for the Hospital School at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The system will help the Hospital School manage all aspects of student education throughout hospital stays.

Modules include student data, safeguarding, admissions, calendar, lesson planning, external communication and administration. Overall, this will efficiently manage the daily school life of students in a hospital school.

The new project has been welcomed by Derventio Education’s Managing Director, Stuart Reece and by Assistant Head at the Hospital School, Bianca Costa.

In working closely together to develop the system, it will be tailored to their unique needs. This will allow staff to comprehensively manage and access their database in a time-efficient manner. Great Ormond Street Hospital is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare and we are very proud to support their Hospital School.

Stuart Reece

Managing Director - Derventio Education

Having all our relevant information in one central place means that all our data will be easily accessible and secure. The system will enhance our internal organisation and the level of communication between all relevant parties. Derventio Education will be creating a system based on the exact needs of our staff and they have an excellent understanding of the education sector.

Bianca Costa

Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning - Great Ormond Street Hospital School

The system will be fully integrated into Derventio Education’s leading school improvement tool SchooliP which is used at the Hospital School. SchooliP oversees the appraisal process, allowing staff to record evidence against objectives, observations/monitoring and the latest teaching standards. There are also links to staff CPD, school improvement planning and self-evaluation.

If you would like to find out more about SchooliP or bespoke development work, please get in touch. Our friendly sales team can be contacted on 0333 0433 450 or info@derventioeducation.com.

If you would like to find out more, please call +44 (0) 333 0433 450 or email: info@derventioeducation.com.

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