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Supporting the new EIF with Curriculum Deep Dives

What is a Deep Dive and how can CollegeiP help?

Damien Roberts  Damien Roberts
October 2021

The Education Inspection Framework (EIF) was revised and introduced at the start of the academic year - September 2019. 

The most significant change from current arrangements was the introduction of a ‘quality of education’ judgement. The new judgement combines aspects of the previous key judgements of ‘teaching, learning and assessment’ and ‘outcomes’ to provide a more holistic view of standards, particularly focusing on the curriculum. And so the Deep Dive was established. But, what is it and how can this be implemented effectively in colleges?

A Deep Dive involves gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact over a sample of subjects, topics or aspects. This is done in collaboration with leaders, teachers and students. The intent of the deep dive is to seek to interrogate and establish a coherent evidence base on quality of education.

A Deep Dive includes the following elements:

  • evaluation of senior leaders’ intent for the curriculum in this subject or area, and their understanding of its implementation and impact
  • evaluation of curriculum leaders’ long- and medium-term thinking and planning, including the rationale for content choices and curriculum sequencing
  • visits to a deliberately and explicitly connected sample of lessons
  • work scrutiny of books or other kinds of work produced by pupils who are part of classes that have also been (or will also be) observed by inspectors
  • discussion with teachers to understand how the curriculum informs their choices about content and sequencing to support effective learning
  • discussions with a group of students from the lessons observed. 

We’re working with many contributors and stakeholders to find the perfect blend of capturing all this valuable evidence using the intuitive interface of CollegeiP to manage the process.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be looking to develop the key forms required to capture this evidence and facilitate the reporting back to key stakeholders. Watch this space for further updates.

If you’d like to hear more about how CollegeiP is helping to develop the ‘Deep Dive’ process why not contact a member of our team on +44 (0) 333 0433 450 or email info@derventioeducation.com

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