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The Homework Manager enables all your school staff to clearly see how their homework affects the students within the school.

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    Making homework purposeful

    Homework cannot be an outstanding learning experience if students are overloaded with a number of demanding tasks. The Homework Manager's algorithm allows teachers to see what tasks have already been set. This helps to inform homework planning and ensure that teachers have a stronger understanding of the demands faced by their students. Leading to the right piece of homework being set at the right time.

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    Phase your financial commitment

    The Homework Manager offers flexibility within commitment levels and subscription options. This can range from individual year groups to an entire school. The Homework Manager will look to provide the best value solution for you.

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    Seamless data transfer

    As a cloud based software package, The Homework Manager is effortless to install and can be used on all major devices. It can be easily integrated with your existing School Management Information System. When teachers sign in, all their timetable, classes and students are immediately visible.

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    Parental involvement

    Parents are an integral part of The Homework Manager. They are empowered to support their children and can receive notifications regarding homework on their chosen device. Progress reports are generated to ensure that students are on track. This helps parents to support their children in the most effective manner possible and helps them to recognise their achievements.

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    Simple user experience

    In appreciating that teachers are part of a busy environment, The Homework Manager is designed to provide a straight forward solution that is easy to use. No training is necessary, and the software is intuitive and easy to follow.

Every school has the opportunity to maximise learning outcomes

Effectively scheduling homework is a challenge faced by every school. Overloading of homework tasks can limit the effectiveness of teaching and learning. The Homework Manager helps teachers to further their understanding of the demands placed on their students. This can help stimulate dialogue between teachers and their students to foster a better understanding of their workloads. Technology has vastly improved communication regarding homework tasks that need to be undertaken. The Homework Manager's algorithm is an example of edtech being utilised to maximise teaching and learning outcomes.

Allowing teachers to see what other homework students have been set gives them superb insight into identifying when to schedule their own homework tasks. The Homework Manager also reports on achievement and is a complete homework manager. Teachers are more aware of the demands placed on their students. Opportunities to maximise learning outcomes are increased and students are not overburdened.

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