Find out how The Homework Manager can help you simplify and effectively manage homework for your students.

Find out how The Homework Manager can help you simplify and effectively manage homework for your students.

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Maximise Student Outcomes | The Homework Manager

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The Homework Manager enables all your school staff to clearly see how their homework tasks affects their students.

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    Making homework purposeful

    Homework cannot be an outstanding learning experience if students are overloaded with a number of demanding tasks. The Homework Manager's algorithm allows teachers to see what tasks have already been set. This helps to inform homework planning and ensure that teachers have a stronger understanding of the demands faced by their students, leading to the right piece of homework being set at the right time.

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    Clear Communication

    The Homework Manger satisfies all stakeholders by ensuring clear communication to students, teachers, leaders and parents. This transparent approach towards setting homework means that all key parties are able to observe the full picture. Therefore, awkward conversations of students being placed under unfair pressure are avoided.

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    Maximise student outcomes

    A student that is overburdened with homework is likely to be tired, unproductive and anxious. The Homework Manager helps to eliminate these concerns meaning that students are fresher and more productive. Also, the Homework Manager provides piece of mind for parents as they are safe in the knowledge that homework is being carefully managed throughout the school.

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    Parental involvement

    Parents are an integral part of The Homework Manager. They are empowered to support their children and can receive notifications regarding homework on their chosen device. Progress reports are generated to ensure that students are on track. This helps parents to support their children in the most effective manner possible and recognise achievements.

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    Simple user experience

    In appreciating that teachers are part of a busy environment, The Homework Manager is designed to provide a straight forward solution that is easy to use. No training is necessary, and the software is intuitive and easy to follow. As a cloud based software package, The Homework Manager is effortless to install and can be used on all major devices. It can be easily integrated into your existing School Management Information System.

Every school has the opportunity to maximise learning outcomes

Research suggests that an effective homework strategy aids student learning, but getting the strategy right has not always been so easy. Teachers must design homework with the same mindset as a regular quality lesson if they are to get the positive results that homework can foster. All too often, students are overloaded with tasks because their teachers are not able to see how much work they have already been given. The result is a significant reduction in performance on those tasks, as would be the case if students were given too much work to complete in a single lesson. The Homework Manager is the first product in the market that can alleviate this barrier to successful homework design.

The Homework Manager notifies parents of tasks and also reports on achievement. It is in fact a complete homework manager, but one built on the principle of reducing as much noise and cognitive load as possible. The site is very easy to navigate, and will not have you unnecessarily clicking through a myriad of functions to get to what you really need.

  • Prioritise homework
  • Effective scheduling
  • Parental involvement
  • Clear communication
  • Avoid homework overloading
  • Enhance teaching and learning

Awarded Memberships

The Homework Manager promotes effective teaching and learning by facilitating clear communication with all teachers and parents.