New Training Manager:
Welcome Claire!

Claire Miles-Hayler, an experienced software training and development consultant, has joined the SchooliP team, in the new position of Training Manager. Claire will be taking the lead in producing and delivering the latest SchooliP training materials and courses, so that all SchooliP users are able to receive the maximum benefits from their SchooliP system.

Claire has extensive experience in training and tutoring people to use a variety of software systems and is exceptionally adept at adapting her teaching style to suit the needs of those being trained. With a first class honours in Mathematical Methods in Information technology, Claire intrinsically understands the world of IT and is able to clearly articulate to non-IT people how to use different software effectively.

Stuart Reece, Managing Director of SchooliP, states ‘Claire will be an invaluable addition to the SchooliP team, helping our users get the very best out of their system. Although SchooliP is an intuitive and easy to use system, it is also extremely powerful and is being continually developed and improved, with new functionality. The appointment of a Training Manager is the first step in building our new ‘Care Package’ which will ensure that users derive the maximum benefit from the system.’

Claire will be providing both on-line and on-site training services to new and existing SchooliP customers.

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