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We launched SchooliP over 5 years ago now and it has gone from strength to strength, with the latest version and app being extremely well received by customers and prospects. Not only is the product growing but so too is the SchooliP Ltd product suite. We’ve expanded into colleges and universities with the iP solution, plus we’re looking to grow our solutions and services further.

In addition to this, you might not be aware that much of the business within our parent company, Derventio Solutions, revolves around education too. We work very closely with the University of Sheffield developing software in partnership with them. Plus we develop and support a number of large member websites for university associations such as BUFDG, HEPA, HESPA, CHEIA, and AUDE.

It is with all this in mind that we have decided to change the SchooliP Ltd name to Derventio Education Ltd. We’re keen to continue with our Derventio branding from our parent company and feel that this will bring consistency across our company propositions. We’re excited by this change and the growth that our business is experiencing, as well as by the new products we have in the pipeline - watch this space for more information on these!

Our growth is positive for our customers and will enable us to support them even better, as well as to offer them more solutions and services that can help to benefit their school, college or university. The only slight change you will notice as a customer is the name on the invoice and the name of the company to which you make a payment to. Overall, customers we have spoken to about this so far have shared our enthusiasm which is great.

We’re thrilled that Derventio Solutions Ltd is 10 years old this year and we have big plans to take our business further. Derventio Education Ltd is a big part of our plans and we are thrilled to be able to take our staff and our customers on the exciting journey into the future with us.

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