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SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisal in schools. It possesses the power to increase efficiency at your establishment. This is achieved by using a prompt-based system that drives improvement planning. SchooliP elevates the status of professional development to help your school become more focused and time efficient.

We are proud to remove paper from your appraisal process and to have received such positive words from our customers. Please explore the comments below and see real experiences from senior leaders in schools who are directly benefiting from using SchooliP.

“SchooliP’s intuitive system means duplication of effort is avoided. Prior to using SchooliP, a paper based system was used at Lincoln St Christopher's which was considered to be lengthy and inefficient. It is apparent that the school now has greater focus towards meeting whole school objectives.”

Kyna Adkins - Deputy Headteacher - Lincoln St Christopher’s School

“Everything was paper based with copies stored online. For staff it was a paper chasing task that they needed to be on top of. It was not efficient or as productive as the appraisal system is now with SchooliP. I had to trawl through individual files with staff information to then produce reports for governors. Overall, it was an unwieldy process.”

Andrew Sierant - Headteacher - Manor Farm Community Junior School

We are confident that SchooliP has the potential to save a leadership team at least five hours of professional time each week.

“Previously we used a paper based system which meant a lot of work for me personally. I was responsible for physically collecting and collating the paperwork which was incredibly time consuming. SchooliP has allowed all of our appraisal documents to be centralised. This has lead to complete ease of access for all of our stakeholders. The dynamic nature of the system means that every member of staff is using SchoolIP.”

Chris Stewart - Assistant Headteacher and Director of Key Stage 4 Learning - Ormskirk School

“Previously we were printing out a large amount of paper and a large amount of time was spent collating evidence. We are grateful that this workload has been decreased.”

Kirsten Davey - Assistant Headteacher - Townsend Church of England School

As we move into the 2018/19 academic year, we are looking to help schools increase their efficiency and we hope that you will join us in this journey. Our vision is to remove all paper from the appraisal processes, reducing workloads and for time to be used more productively. This is also true for multi-academy trusts and we are proud that SchooliP is currently used within 61 trusts and counting.

Please contact or call 0333 0433 450, to find out more about SchooliP which is the simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisals. Or alternatively, click here to arrange a no obligation demonstration.

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