Warwickshire County Council started using CSW Jets in early 2013 alongside Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and Coventry City Council. The system is also shared with Warwick District Council, Rugby Borough Council, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, North Warwickshire Borough Council and Stratford District Council. Prior to this we were using our own bespoke version of In-tend where we predominantly used the Project, Mini Competition and Quotes Wizards.
I never fully experienced this system having joined in September 2013 but general feedback from the Procurement team and other users was positive and I was given the impression that the functionality of the system was very similar to what I was going to be experiencing with CSW Jets.
Within a couple of days I had picked up the basic elements of the system and found it fairly easy to navigate around having initially thought it was going to be difficult to use. As I became more comfortable in using the system I started training small groups of people and this then became one of my main responsibilities during my apprenticeship. In the end I was providing training in Contract Management, Setting up Approved Supplier Lists, Project Administration, Setting up Mini-Competitions,
e-Auctions and Quotes and running Reports.
Warwickshire had previously stored all of their contract records in a separate system but with the help of In-tend, these were all transferred over to the Contract Management side of CSW Jets in 2014, which meant all of our data was in one place. Although a lot of data-cleansing was required, we now have a Contract database which we have been able to build on. Using the Report Writer tool, users within the authority have been able to run Contract reports for various different purposes one example being FOI requests.
I am a Super-User of the system and have been since I was half way through my two year Apprenticeship. I have the responsibility of managing and keeping on top of all activity that takes place within In-tend. I am the first port-of call for any queries from both suppliers and internal users and I am still predominantly responsible in setting up users on the system and training them in the required areas to the required standards.
Recently we have started using the KPI functionality within In-tend and have successfully started reporting against 3-4 of our Contracts with the hope that we will have almost all KPI's set-up for reporting in the system where possible.
The idea of creating KPI's on the system was daunting at first however it turned out to be a lot easier than expected. We have also recently set-up two DPS projects in the system (one for Bus Transport and the other for GP's and Enhanced Services) both of which seem to be working well. This was again something that we approached carefully but the guides that In-tend have available are extremely useful and detailed that it made our lives a lot easier and ensured that they were set-up correctly. We have found with the KPI and contracts functionality that the more we have used the system, the more system development opportunities we have identified however we look forward to working with In tend colleagues to develop this aspect of the system for the benefit of all current and future users of the

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