Our advocacy programme has a number of different ways for educators to be involved and a range of rewards.




    • Vouchers
    • Tablets
    • Money off your iP Subscription
    • Establishment and Personal Profile Building
    • Certificate and 'Improvement Champion' Status
    • Speaking and Networking Opportunities


How can you get involved?

    • Engage with us on social media
    • Refer other establishments to us
    • Guest Blog
    • Contribute your opinions on education, your field of study or your interests - we will share and publicise for you, building your profile in the process.
    • Chat to other establishments about iP suite of software
    • Share your experiences of iP suite of software with us - this could be in the form of quotes, case studies, videos or social media posts.
    • Represent Derventio Education at educational events
    • Or simply, suggest what you would like to contribute!

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